French school in Prague

French school in Prague
Drtinova 7
150 00 Prague 5

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One of 500 educational establishments

The French Lycée in Prague is one of the schools which operate under the aegis of the Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger (AEFE: the Agency for French Education Abroad). Created in 1990, the Agency, a public body overseen by the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs, is responsible for running and administering a network of 500 educational establishments in nearly 130 countries across the world.

320 000 children receive their schooling outside France in schools organised around French syllabuses. The AEFE’s principal missions are to ensure the continuity of state education for French children (37% of the total), to contribute to the spreading of French language and culture amongst its foreign pupils and to participate in the strengthening of relations between French and foreign educational systems.

To this end the AEFE employs staff qualified by the French Ministry of Education: headteachers, managers and teaching staff appointed to these schools, as well as inspectors at primary and secondary level to supervise the network.

For all – whether French or foreign – who have to move from one school to another, this guarantees that they will be working to similar syllabuses and courses and that the teaching and organisation of such schools will be the same. For those who choose to come to us from the local community, this guarantees an education which meets in every way the principles of a French education.

A school which meets Czech educational standards

In the context of its bilingual integration classes which accept native-speaker Czech pupils in the first year of secondary school, the French Lycée in Prague has signed an agreement with the Czech Ministry of Education which ensures, for our Czech pupils, the equivalent standard between a school year spent in the Lycée and a school year at the same level in the Czech system. A validation examination is organised every year in every class by the French Lycée in Prague. To ensure that the equivalent standard is met, the school offers its Czech pupils lessons in native-speaker Czech and in Czech history.


This agreement allows Czech parents who entrust their children to us the chance to choose their educational path for them, a path which can combine the two – Czech and French – systems. It is also, for us, the proof that the bicultural education which is our aim is perfectly in step with the practices and the demands of our host country.

A unique school

It is only one of so many others, and yet the French Lycée in Prague is a unique school. It brings in its own way the principles of a French education to the Czech context.

Working with children of forty different nationalities (40% French, 35% Czech and 10% Franco-Czech) the Lycée is proud of its personality and its links with the specific community it serves. The heart of its educational project is the full development of its bi-cultural nature which relies on the value of a French education in the rich cultural environment of the Czech Republic. That is why the Lycée has bilingual classes which allow Czech pupils who do not speak French to be fully integrated at secondary level in two years. That is why it has specially-adapted syllabuses in History and Geography, Literature and Art, to use to the full the local context. That is why the Lycée teaches Czech as a Foreign Language to all its pupils who do not have Czech as their mother tongue. That is why it organises a very full programme of Czech language and history to its pupils from the Czech Republic. In 2011, the French Lycée in Prague opened a bilingual (French/English) section starting in its nursery school (‘maternelle’) classes and setting out on an ambitious policy of language teaching.

As the results demonstrate, the Lycée knows how to bring the best out of its pupils. It strives for excellence whilst remaining alert to the difficulties of the individual. Quality of teaching, open-mindedness, independence of mind, education: its objectives are ambitious. Ask our pupils. Judge for yourself...


Lycée français de Prague
Drtinova 7
150 00 Prague 5

tél. : (+420) 222 550 000
tél. : (+420) 222 550 001
fax : (+420) 257 310 546