Corporate Strategy and Finance in Europe

Corporate Strategy and Finance in Europe

Základní informace

Úroveň :
Město :
Prague / Strasbourg
Celková délka programu :
2 ans
Výuka probíhá v jazycích :
Program zakončen diplomy :
  • český diplom : Master’s degree Diploma with the academic title “Magistr”
  • francouzský diplom : Diploma Master in “Corporate Strategy and Finance” 

Podmínky přijetí

Úroveň pro přijetí :
Přijímací proces :
It is assumed that candidates for the CSF will have sufficient training in mathematics and statistics on which to rely for this program. Applicants will be required to submit either transcripts from their undergraduate studies indicating the extent of their knowledge in these areas, or the results of a standardized test with a mathematical element (for example, GMAT or GRE - for GRE only Please use our institutional code 1649 if you wish to have your results sent to us directly).
Poplatky :

€ 6,000 for the first year of studies

* At the University of Strasbourg, students are required to pay administration fees of only € 300. Please note that these fees only cover tuition and exam fees, and that students are responsible for their own living expenses (food, accommodation, etc.).

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a set of scholarships and fee reductions! Here you will find the conditions for reducing or canceling the costs of studying in a foreign language at FSV UK.

Studijní plán

M1 Prague
M2 Strasbourg


Web studijního programu:

Université Charles
Faculté des sciences sociales
Academic supervisor:
Prof. Martin Gregor
Academic coordinator:
PhDr. Lenka Šťastná, Ph.D

Admission Administration:

Université de Strasbourg Sciences Po 
Responsable pédagogique :
M. Joël PETEY, Professeur des Universités en gestion (IEP)

Contact :
03 68 85 69 46